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Endpoint Protection

Are your computers as protected from cyber threats? Could you enhance your current security to protect against malicious and phishing threats? Think your business isn’t target for cyber criminals because your too small?

Small businesses are being targeted by criminals because most small businesses often lack the technology support/ security to face these issues. For this reason, today’s criminals tend to focus on them because they’re generally the weakest point for security resources to steal your precious data.

A few facts about cyber threats 

  • 50% of all attacks are on small businesses 
  • There are over 70M variants of malware
  • Phishing (Emails that attempt to get you to give out personal info, passwords or click on a link that is malicious.) attacks account for 70% of all breaches.

Precision IT uses Webroot Secure Anywhere to protect our customers’ computers. Webroot is a unique tool to protect against threats across numerous vectors; including email, web browsing, file attachments, hyperlinks, display ads, social media apps, and connected devices like USB drives with the potential to deliver malicious payloads. Webroot constantly monitors the system and upon failure to meet specified thresholds creates a notification for our team of technicians. Any infections that aren’t automatically removed or quarantined notifies our team of technicians that will reach out for further intervention.

Patch Management

Patch management is a strategy for managing patches or upgrades for software applications and technologies. Software patches are necessary to fix existing issues with software post initial release. Many patches have to do with security or specific features within your software.

Keeping your operating system and other software patched is important to keep programs/computers running smoothly and securely. A patch management plan can assist in the management of these changes efficiently by checking for newly released updates to software patches and compare to the installed software. If an update needs to be applied, our system pushes it out within the hour. At this point the computer is flagged to reboot during the overnight maintenance window. If any updates fail to install, a technician resolves the issue either through back-end scripting or will reach out for further intervention.

Proactive Support 

Proactive support identifies issues within a system and resolves them before they spiral out of control. We do this by scanning and monitoring your systems periodically for potential issues. If a problem is detected, a defined set of steps are set to automatically run to resolve the issue or our team of technicians will reach out for further intervention.

The most common issues are: 

  • Disk space 
  • Patching errors 
  • Antivirus errors 
  • Infected with virus or malware 
  • Network connectivity 
  • Memory and CPU related errors 

IT Inventory Management

Included with our managed service plans, we create an inventory of your IT hardware and software. This allows us to create a life cycle for your IT resources, which can help you plan ahead and keep the cost manageable.

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